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Residence Life

Briar Cliff University has four residence halls with a housing capacity of 580 students. Each hall is staffed by a Area Coordinator and Resident Assistants on each floor.


Briar Cliff University believes that living on campus is a vital part of the college experience. The best college experience is one where the curriculum and the co-curriculum are seamlessly integrated. Given that the educational benefits of a residential education are many and well-documented, Briar Cliff University enforces the following residency policy. It is the policy of Briar Cliff University that all full-time undergraduate students live in campus housing and are enrolled in a meal plan until they have reached senior class standing (91 credit hours).

Exceptions to this housing policy will include students living with their parents or legal guardians within commuting distance (40 miles) of campus or individuals establishing independent status.

An independent student is one who: 1) is at least 23 years of age, 2) is married, 3) has children, 4) is a veteran, or 5) achieves independent status according to Federal financial aid guidelines.


Housing agreements are for the entire academic year and cannot be broken once initiated by University without the consent of the Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Campus Life. Residential students are responsible for all of the terms of the housing agreement.  The Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Campus Life reserves the right to grant individual exemptions to the residency policy.


Area Coordinators are responsible for the overall supervision and management of the four residence halls on campus: Alverno, Baxter-DiGiovanni, Noonan, and Toller. Area Coordinators live on campus and are available during scheduled office hours, or by appointment.  Area Coordinators role is assist students in their personal development outside the classroom. There is a Area Coordinator on call 24/7 to assist students. 


Each BCU resident assistant (RA) is a student who is assigned to live in one of the four residence halls on the Briar Cliff University campus. RAs are primarily responsibility for promoting the development of a community atmosphere in the residence hall. In addition, RAs…

  • Work with their floors to develope caring communities.  They set the fondation for their residents by establishing a community agreement outlining standards to which everyone on the floor has agreed.
  • Coordinate educational, service oriented and social activities for residents.
  • Maintain a safe and academic-friendly environment, which sometimes may involve confronting inappropriate behaviors.
  • Serve as a resource for students and are available to answer students’ questions about campus life.








Kyle Wonders
Area Coordinator; Judicial Conduct Coordinator
Ashley Pawlowski
Area Coordinator, Alverno and Toller Halls