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Social Work Department


Be part of Briar Cliff’s Social Work Program, which has been accredited by the Council on Social Work Education since 1974. Our social work graduates are recognized for their skills and commitment to serving as agents of social change in their practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. We have a diverse student body, including students representing four Native American reservations within 100 miles of our campus and Spanish-speaking students whose second language is English. 



Gerontology (Minor)

Gerontology (Minor)

This minor prepares students in any discipline to work in a rapidly changing population. Read More »

Online BSW Program

Online BSW Program

Join one of only two accredited, fully online Bachelor of Social Work programs in the country. Read More »

Social Work

Social Work

Our program, which has been accredited by the Council on Social Work Education since 1974, will help you develop the skills to carry out what the profession is all about: helping people. Read More »



Conference raises human trafficking awareness in Siouxland

Jun 26, 2014

Human trafficking is closer to home than you think. On June 17, hundreds of Siouxlanders learned how to help put a stop to it.

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Briar Cliff offers new, online social work degree program
May 29, 2014
Ambitious graduate and mother of 3-to-be juggles family, studies
May 10, 2014
Social work professor honored for human rights advocacy
Dec 11, 2013



SWRK 01 IS - Introduction to Field Work
SWRK 130 - Introduction to Social Work
SWRK 14 IS - Community Organization
SWRK 175 - Independent Social Work Study
SWRK 230 - History and General Method of Social Work
SWRK 252 - Corrections
SWRK 275 - Study Abroad in Guatemala
SWRK 320 - Human Behavior and the Social Environment
SWRK 325 - Mental Health and Mental Illness
SWRK 345 - Child Welfare
SWRK 355 - Child Welfare and the Law
SWRK 360 - Social Issues and Policy
SWRK 370 - Social Work Practice I
SWRK 370L - Social Work Practice I Lab
SWRK 375 - Social Work Practice II
SWRK 381 - Social Work Practice III (Part 1)
SWRK 382 - Social Work Practice III (Part 2)
SWRK 390 - Grant Writing (Honors)
SWRK 443 - Field Work
SWRK 444 - Field Work Seminar
SWRK 445 - Field Work
SWRK 465 - Gerontology
SWRK 475 - Independent Social Work Study II


Heather Craig-Oldsen
Associate Professor, Social Work Program Chair and Director
Sister Shirley Fineran, O.S.F.
Director of Field Education; Assistant Professor of Social Work