Prairie Fire Presentation - "The Prairie Turnip: The Next Natural Antibiotic?" | Briar Cliff University

Prairie Fire Presentation - "The Prairie Turnip: The Next Natural Antibiotic?"

 Wednesday, March 21
 7:00 PM
 St. Francis Center

18.03.20 Prairie Fire Poster

What if the next natural antibiotic was found right here in Siouxland? Two Briar Cliff professors are investigating that very possibility.

Paul Weber, professor of chemistry, and Daniel Jung, assistant professor of biology, will present their research on the prairie turnip found in the Loess Hills prairie this Wednesday at Briar Cliff’s annual Prairie Fire Presentation. Weber and Jung’s presentation, “The Prairie Turnip: The Next Natural Antibiotic?,” will explore their research on the plant and its potential medical uses.

Weber and Jung started their collaborative research project in 2015, and the project has provided hands-on research opportunities for undergraduate biology and chemistry majors. Their initial findings were previously presented at the Iowa Academy of Science conference, and they have continued to research the turnip’s ability to inhibit the growth of certain bacteria. Though still in its early stages, their research has consistently yielded results that illustrate the turnip’s ability to terminate harmful bacteria like those that can lead to strep throat or staph infections.

This Prairie Fire Presentation is hosted by the Briar Cliff Professional Development Committee. Prairie Fire - Ideas That Spread Like Wildfire.

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