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Kathy Knipper, O.S.F.

Professor of Education

Education Department

Heelan 113


Ed.D., University of South Dakota, Curriculum and Instruction

M.A., University of St. Thomas, Curriculum and Instruction

B.A., Clarke College, Elementary Education


I believe learning is an active, constructive process. Cognitive growth is best nurtured in a social environment in which teacher candidates are active participants where they are helped to reflect on their learning. Dialogue and interaction give these candidates encouragement to tackle complex tasks while providing the support needed for success in both the classroom and workplace.

I believe that teaching and learning involve both reflection and action. Not only do I reflect on my own teaching, I also encourage my students to question teaching methods and think about the consequences of their choices. This reflection happens in classroom discussions, reflection papers, collaborative groupings, class presentations, and/or practica experiences.

I believe in connecting teacher candidates’ learning with something they value, know and do. Motivating and facilitating learning happens when the learners feel heard and respected. Candidates’ thoughts, feelings, and perspectives integrate theory from their coursework with teachers’ practices in the field. These meaningful experiences link teacher candidates with what goes on in an actual classroom and provide them with the means of developing their critical thinking skills, teaching proficiencies, and personal self-awareness.

Classes Taught:

EDEL 241 — Children's Literature
EDEL 464 — Reading Assessment, Diagnosis and Evaluation
EDEL 465 — Reading Practicum
EDEL 466 — Elementary Reading and Content Area Instruction
EDUC 210 — Educational Foundations
EDUC 410 — Student Teaching in the Elementary School
EDUC 412 — Student Teaching K-12