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Ted Bryan

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Chemistry Department

Heelan 284

Started at Briar Cliff:



  • B.S. Chemistry, Truman State University (Kirskville, Mo.), 1990
  • Ph.D., Chemistry (Inorganic), University of Arkansas (Fatetteville, Ark.), 1997



Dr. Bryan, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, joined the faculty at Briar Cliff in the Fall of 2000. His teaching responsibilities include Principles of Chemistry (CHEM 111, 112), Quantitative and Qualitative Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry.

His broad area of research is ruthenium metal complexes. He is interested in synthesizing and using compounds of the general formula [Ru(LLL)(LL)(SOx)]n+ to model the formation of acid-rain in the atmosphere. As part of these projects, he would like to be able to perform theoretical calculations on these molecules to identify possible transition states and do energy minimization calculations. Furthermore, because the oxidation of sulfur is dependent on the electronic environment of the metal, he would like to be able to characterize these complexes via cyclic voltammetry.

Classes Taught:

CHEM 109 — Chemistry for the Health Sciences I
CHEM 111 — Principles of Chemistry I
CHEM 111L — Principles of Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 112 — Principles of Chemistry II
CHEM 112L — Principles of Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM 235 — Quantitative Analysis
CHEM 301 — Instrumental Analysis
CHEM 339 — Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 445 — Physical Chemistry I
CHEM 445L — Physical Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 446 — Physical Chemistry II
CHEM 446L — Physical Chemistry Laboratory II

Advises for:

College Republicans