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Nursing Department

Nursing is the largest health care profession in the United States, but it's also one of the most challenging. It is both an art and a science, blending critical thinking, technical abilities, a compassionate heart, and healing hands.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing and the Master of Science in Nursing programs at Briar Cliff University are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

The Mission of the Department of Nursing at Briar Cliff University is to promote health, healing and hope of persons and the community and to advocate for social justice and healthy environments. We believe that health is a state of being and becoming, an inherent right, and an individually chosen value. As a Catholic Franciscan University, inspired by our dedication to God as Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier, we value the sanctity of human life, human community, service, openness to all and hold a reverence for all of creation.



Basic Nursing

Basic Nursing

No other nursing program in Iowa provides more clinical experience. Our state-of-the-art laboratories include one of the region’s only working cadaver labs. Our programs are approved by the Iowa Board of Nursing and we are fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). Read More »

LPN-to-BSN Option

LPN-to-BSN Option

The Department of Nursing offers a three- or four-year program for Licensed Practical Nurses, leading to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and eligibility to take the required RN licensure examination (NCLEX-RN). This program is designed specifically for graduates of state-approved Practical Nursing programs. Read More »

Radiologic Technology

Radiologic Technology

A Bachelor of Science in radiologic technology consists of two years of coursework on our campus, plus two years of additional clinical work at an accredited school of radiologic technology. Briar Cliff has a cooperative program with the St. Luke’s College School of Radiologic Technology. Read More »

RN-to-BSN Option (Online)

RN-to-BSN Option (Online)

Read More »



BCU recognizes nursing majors at Pinning Ceremony

May 15, 2014

Briar Cliff University’s Department of Nursing recognized 113 nursing majors during the 25th Annual Commitment to Professional Nursing and Pinning Ceremony, held recently on campus.

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Assistant professor, cancer survivor, molding minds at BCU
Feb 1, 2014
State-of-the-art nursing lab prepares students for life after The Cliff
Jan 1, 2014
Four instructors published in Nursing Science Quarterly
Dec 10, 2013
BCU, Community Action Team Up for Preschool Health Screenings
Jul 31, 2013




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Are you a high school student interested in nursing? Explore the possibilities at our summer camp ...

Center for Health Care Initiatives

Center for Health Care Initiatives

Learn how Briar Cliff is channeling university resources to make Siouxland healthier.


NURS 205 - Foundational Nursing Concepts
NURS 210 - Concepts for Beginning Nursing Practice
NURS 215 - Systems and Processes in Nursing
NURS 220 - Health Assessment
NURS 230 - Nursing Care of the Adult Client I
NURS 240 - Concepts for Reproduction and Sexuality
NURS 250 - Pharmacology
NURS 300 - Evidence-based Nursing Practice
NURS 310 - Theoretical Bases for Nursing Practice (RN-BSN only)
NURS 311 - Professional Writing for Nurses
NURS 320 - Health Assessment for Registered Nurses (RN-BSN only)
NURS 330 - Nursing Care of the Childbearing/Childrearing Family
NURS 335 - Nursing Care of the Adult Client II
NURS 340 - Nursing Care of Clients with Acute Mental Health Issues
NURS 355 - Nursing Care of Clients in Acute and Critical Settings
NURS 356 - Biological and Health Aspects of Aging
NURS 360 - Concepts for Intermediate Nursing Practice I
NURS 365 - Pediatric Growth and Development
NURS 370 - Concepts for Intermediate Nursing Practice II
NURS 380 - Nursing Practice in the Community
NURS 400 - Psychosocial Concepts of Nursing Practice
NURS 405 - Nursing Process in the Community
NURS 429 - Community and Public Health Nursing Science I
NURS 435 - Nursing Leadership in the Health Care Delivery System
NURS 440 - Nursing Care of Clients with Chronic Mental Health Issues
NURS 445 - Nursing Care of the Complex Client
NURS 455 - Community and Public Health Nursing Science II
NURS 460 - Nursing Leadership & Management
NURS 465 - Nursing Preceptorship Experience
NURS 475 - Transition into Professional Nursing
NURS 480 - Concepts for Complex Nursing Practice
NURS 501 - Theoretical Foundations For Advanced Nursing Practice
NURS 510 - Heath Care System: Paradigms, Policy And Ethics
NURS 520 - Foundations Of Advanced Nursing Practice
NURS 529 - Research Methods for Advanced Practice Nursing
NURS 530 - Nursing Science I
NURS 535 - Nursing Research
NURS 540 - Nursing Science II
NURS 560 - Advanced Health Assessment
NURS 570 - Advanced Pharmacology
NURS 580 - Theoretical Foundations in Higher Education
NURS 590 - Curriculum and Instruction
NURS 610 - Levels of Prevention and The Young Family
NURS 615 - Levels of Prevention and The Family
NURS 621 - Evidence Based Practice I
NURS 622 - Evidence Based Practice II
NURS 630 - Levels of Prevention and The Older Family
NURS 631 - Advanced Health Assessment
NURS 632 - Advanced Practice Skills Lab
NURS 640 - FNP Practicum
NURS 641 - FNP Practicum II
NURS 645 - Advanced Pharmacology
NURS 660 - Teaching and Evaluating Learning in Colleges of Nursing (Theory Based)
NURS 665 - Teaching and Evaluating Learning in Colleges of Nursing (Clinical Based)
NURS 671 - Teaching in Colleges of Nursing Practicum I
NURS 672 - Teaching in Colleges of Nursing Practicum II
NURS 675 - Cultural Competence in Health Care
NURS 710 - Primary Care in Pediatrics
NURS 715 - Primary Care of the Adult I
NURS 730 - Primary Care of the Adult II
NURS 735 - Primary Care of the Elderly
NURS 740 - FNP Practicum I
NURS 741 - FNP Practicum II
NURS 742 - FNP Practicum III
NURS 743 - FNP Practicum IV
NURS 750 - Transformational Leadership
NURS 760 - Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Throughout the Lifespan
NURS 835 - Ethical Issues Influencing Practice and Research in Health Disparities
NURS 850 - Philosophical and Theoretical Foundations for Evidence Based Care
NURS 855 - Translational Research in Healthcare
NURS 860 - Health Operations & Financial Management for Nurse Leaders
NURS 865 - DNP Capstone
NURS 870 - DNP Practice Innovation Project


Richard Petersen
Chair and Associate Professor of Nursing
Barbara Condon
Professor of Nursing
Traci Holmquist
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Gretchen Wheelock
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Mary Nissen
Associate Professor of Nursing
Teresa Kelley
Instructor of Nursing
Bobbie Weber
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Catherine Grimsley
Assistant Instructor of Nursing
Lindsey Dutler
Assistant Instructor of Nursing
Marlys Nashleanas
Faculty Administrative Assistant