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K-12 Education

Bachelor of Arts

The K-12 Education Major is for Art, Music or Physical Education majors who are also enrolled in the Briar Cliff Teacher Preparation Program.

In the Franciscan tradition, the Briar Cliff University education program prepares professional educators through community, service and learning.

Core Courses

EDSE 07 IR - Content Area Reading
EDUC 03 IS - Introduction to Education Computer/Media Technology
EDUC 14 IS - Electronic Portfolio
EDUC 210 - Educational Foundations
EDUC 250 - Management and Instruction
EDUC 270 - Exceptional Learners
EDUC 318 - Educational Psychology
EDUC 330 - Educational Measurement and Evaluation
EDUC 412 - Student Teaching K-12
EDUC 450 - Human Relations
HIST 231 - American History to 1877
MATH 105 - Mathematics for Liberal Arts Students
PSYC 110 - Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 280 - Developmental Psychology
SOCY 240 - Racial, Ethnic and Gender Inequality

Additional Program Requirements

All students intending to seek licensure must first be admitted into the Teacher Preparation Program, and students seeking a secondary education major must also have an academic major.

K-12 education majors must also take one phyiscal science course, one life science course and a specific methods course (440) from their selected major.

All grades in the major must be "C" or above.

NOTES: EDUC 415 is interchangeable with EDUC 412; HIST 232 is interchangeable with HIST 231; PSCI 224 is interchangeable with SOCY 240.