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Imagine having a Bachelor's and a Master's Degree in four years! It's possible with our joint Bachelor of Arts/Master's in Business Administration program, designed for highly motivated business students.



HOW IT WORKS: The Bachelor's degree portion consists of three calendar years of face-to-face programs. Upon completion of the undergraduate work, you'll advance to the fourth year of Master's-level coursework, which is taken online. 


WHY IT'S NECESSARY: The business world is competitive! More and more corporations are requiring an MBA for entry level positions or are deferring employment start dates so new employees can complete their graduate work prior to starting their jobs. With this program, you'll be prepared to jumpstart your career. 

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PROGRAM FEATURES: We place a strong emphasis on the application of business theory to the realities of the business world. We bridge finance, operations, marketing, and accounting into one business administration degree. You'll study under caring faculty who combine substantial business experience with academic training.

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