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Business Department

The mission of the business department is to deliver a quality education and develop individuals who can provide leadership in a changing global environment, within an ethical and socially responsible framework. This is accomplished through a broad education using business theory and practice and based upon a liberal arts foundation.

The department's goals are based on a concept that emphasizes not only technical competence but also the ethics of professional service, thus seeking to foster sensitivity and responsiveness to social responsibilities as well as the ability to identify and pursue personal opportunities.





Most people think an “accountant” and a “CPA” are the same thing. Not in the business world! That’s why our accounting program is designed to prepare you for the most important test you will ever take — the Uniform Certified Public Accountant examination. Read More »

Business Administration

Business Administration

Learn from veteran faculty, land engaging internships — even launch your own business with help from the Roth Center for Entrepreneurship. Also, join award-winning student organizations, including an ENACTUS team that takes “suiting up” to a whole new level! Read More »

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Be part of an H.R. program that is fully approved and aligned with guidelines set by the The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) — the largest HR association in the world. Read More »

Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems

What do you get when you combine business and computer science? Management Information Systems (MIS) — the science of taking data, processing it and transforming it into meaningful information that people can use! Read More »



Bridge the gap between marketing theory and practice, using classrooms equipped with the latest technology, thought-provoking courses taught by veteran faculty, engaging internships sure to boost your portfolio, and award-winning student organizations — including an ENACTUS team that takes suiting up to a whole new level! Read More »



Five reasons to get your MBA ...

Jul 11, 2014

If you're wondering whether to go after an MBA, here are five great reasons to start upgrading yourself — and your résumé — today:

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BCU entrepreneur uses pedal power to create dream job
Mar 16, 2014
Accounting students crunch numbers for the greater good
Mar 4, 2014
Business contest winners take home $6.4K in grants
Feb 27, 2014




Graduate Degrees

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BUAD 150 - Entrepreneurship
BUAD 175 - Independent Business Administration Study
BUAD 223 - Legal Environment of Business
BUAD 224 - Business Law II
BUAD 225 - Principles of Management
BUAD 275 - Independent Business Administration Study II
BUAD 276 - E-Business
BUAD 301 - Principles of Marketing
BUAD 305 - Consumer Behavior
BUAD 310 - Business Research
BUAD 330 - Principles of Corporate Finance
BUAD 345 - Advertising
BUAD 350 - Production and Operations Management
BUAD 360 - Marketing Research
BUAD 375 - Independent Business Administration Study III
BUAD 383 - Money and Banking
BUAD 385 - Global Management
BUAD 390 - Business Internship
BUAD 409 - Process Leadership
BUAD 410 - Marketing Management
BUAD 411 - Methods of Improvement
BUAD 414 - Project Management
BUAD 415 - Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
BUAD 429 - Strategic Management
BUAD 475 - Independent Business Administration Study IV
BUAD 482 - Production & Inventory Management
BUAD 490 - Business Internship II
BUAD 500 - Introduction to Graduate Studies
BUAD 505 - Managerial Corporate Finance
BUAD 511 - Managerial Economics
BUAD 512 - Business Ethics
BUAD 535 - Business Analytics
BUAD 536 - Leadership and Team Development
BUAD 558 - Applied Service Learning
BUAD 568 - Sustainable Management
BUAD 571 - Marketing Management
BUAD 605 - Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance
BUAD 613 - Production and Operations Management
BUAD 615 - Financial Analysis
BUAD 623 - Business and the Legal Environment
BUAD 625 - Business Communications
BUAD 653 - Quantitative Methods
BUAD 70 IR - Briar Cliff Enactus
ECON 175 - Independent Economics Study
ECON 210 - Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 211 - Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 275 - Independent Economics Study II
ECON 375 - Independent Economic Study III
ECON 475 - Independent Economics Study IV
HRM 175 - Independent HRM Study
HRM 275 - Independent HRM Study II
HRM 325 - Human Resource Management
HRM 335 - Organizational Behavior
HRM 336 - Training and Development
HRM 355 - Employment Law
HRM 375 - Independent HRM Study III
HRM 385 - Global Management
HRM 390 - HRM Internship
HRM 408 - Labor Management Relations
HRM 420 - Compensation
HRM 425 - Strategic Human Resources Management
HRM 475 - Independent HRM Study IV
HRM 490 - HRM Internship II
HRM 510 - Employment Law
HRM 550 - Compensation
HRM 630 - Human Resource Measurement
HRM IS - HRM Independent Study
MIS 220 - Microcomputer Applications for Business
MIS 321 - Management Information Systems
MIS 322 - System Analysis and Design
MIS 375 - Independent MIS Study
MIS 390 - MIS Internship
MIS 475 - Independent MIS Study II
MIS 490 - MIS Internship II
MIS IS - Independent MIS Research
MRKT 301 - Principles of Marketing
MRKT 305 - Consumer Behavior
MRKT 308 - Sales Management
MRKT 340 - Retail Management
MRKT 345 - Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
MRKT 360 - Marketing Research
MRKT 365 - Supply Chain Management
MRKT 385 - Global Management
MRKT 401 - Special Topics in Marketing
MRKT 410 - Marketing Management


Mark Rossi
Director of Master of Arts in Management and Distance Learning Programs, Business Administration Chair, Professor of Business Administration
Marilyn Eastman
Assistant Professor of Business; Enactus Advisor
Shari Fowler
Assistant Professor of Accounting
Judy Thompson
Professor of Business Administration; Director, Eldon & Regina Roth Center for Entrepreneurship
Philip Burian
Professor of Business Administration
Mark Nielsen
Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Tommy Raulston
Assistant Professor of Accounting